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Owning your own hot tub is exciting but can sometimes be daunting. At First 4 Pools we understand that a hot tub is a huge investment, we also understand you want to take care of it.

Take some notes or save this guide, it will help you through your first steps in hot tub ownership and ensure you know everything you need. Don't forget our hot tub sales showroom is open everyday 9am - 4.30pm only 10 minutes drive from Bath city centre. If you have any questions or you would just like to browse our hot tub display, we are always happy to help.

First 4 Pools are the go-to hot tub sales company for Bristol, Bath, Wells and the surrounding areas.

Hot Tub Basics

Many people often refer to hot tubs as Jacuzzi's, however Jacuzzi is an American brand of hot tub, whose history dates back to the 1950’s when they actually invented the first hydrotherapy jets. Unlike many hot tubs on the market, Jacuzzi hot tubs are very high quality, another high quality brand of hot tubs is Caldera Spas.

We take the longevity, quality and high spec technology of the products we offer very seriously and are proud to say both of these brands are in stock at First 4 Pools.

All hot tubs require regular maintenance to keep the water healthy and safe for your use. Chemicals are used to balance the waters pH both keeping the users and the hot tub safe. We offer full guidance on how to use chemicals to keep your pool water healthy or can offer you a service plan to ensure your hot tub is tip top all of the time.

Installing your new Hot Tub

Your new hot tub will require commissioning by a chemically trained person, First 4 Pools offer a full installation service and will train you in person on how to use your new hot tub.

Hot Tub Circulation & Filtration

You should regularly check that your hot tub filtration system is in good working order. It is important to note that when your hot tubs cartridge filter is dirty, the performance of your filter will deteriorate leading to dirty and potentially dangerous contaminated water. Usually your spa cartridges will need cleaning weekly, however, we would advise more regular cleaning if your hot tub is being used everyday.

How To Test Hot Tub Water

Testing your hot tub's water daily is a vital step to keeping the water clean, safe and healthy. We always recommend testing daily even if the hot tub is not in use. The easiest way to test the water is to use test strips, which indicate the sanitiser, pH and total alkalinity levels of the water quickly & accurately. This allows you to make any appropriate chemical adjustments that may be required. Testing daily will also allow you to make smaller changes in time saving you money. When using test strips, it is very important to follow the instructions carefully in order to get the most accurate reading. When you have a testing routine you will become aware of how refilling, topping up, adding chemicals and general usage will affect the readings and chemical levels. Our saying is 'dilution is the key to pollution'. At our showroom we offer free water tests to all customers, all you have to do is bring us a sample of your water in an uncontaminated bottle. (visit us today).

Hot Tub Sanitisers

The two most popular hot tub sanitisers are chlorine & bromine. For more advice on using hot tub sanitisers feel free to call us or pop by our showroom in Bath. (Contact Us)

Hot Tub Water Balancing

The pH scale of 0-14 measures acidic and alkali conditions. The middle measurement of 7 pH is neutral, water generally has this balanced pH, meaning anything below 7 is acidic whilst a pH rating of above 7 is alkaline. For Spa users, the ideal pH level for those using bromine is 7.0-7.4. For those using chlorine the ideal pH level is between 7.2 and 7.4, if when using chlorine the pH reaches 7.6 it will only be about 40% as effective.. Having the correct pH will ensure the protection of the hot tub and the users comfort is maintained. If your pH is incorrect you will find you need to use more chlorine or bromine.

In the south west we are subject to hard water, hard water damage can be prevented with regular doses of an hardness stabiliser. (Always in stock at our showroom). This product does not reduce the level of hardness in the water, it prevents the build-up of scaling ensuring your hot tub elements are not damaged by the hardness.

Your hot tubs set up, your enjoying it... Now you've got foam on the surface?

Foam can sometimes be caused by detergents or soaps left in your bathing costumes or on your skin. We always recommend showering in your costume before entering your hot tub. If you have further foaming issues, contact us today.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of waterline grease using a certified hot tub cleanser will not only keep your hot tub looking incredible, it will also help to reduce the amount of spa chemicals required on a regular basis.

At First 4 Pools we always recommend using certified hot tub cleaning products, other products will not have been tested for hot tub use and may cause damage to your hot tub, cause foaming in your water or change the pH levels.

Want more information?

For full hot tub servicing information, emptying or moving your hot tub please contact us, we are always happy to help.

First 4 Pools are number 1 for hot tub sales in Bristol, Bath, Wells and the surrounding areas.

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