First4Pools tips for the perfect hot tub party!

Winter couldn't be a better time to have your family and friends over for a social, some food and drink followed by some bubbles. At First4Pools we know how enjoyable a warm spa is on these cold evenings. So we thought we'd share our tips for enjoying your spa with others!

Get the mood right with the lighting

Set the mood either with external lighting or in the Jacuzzi model J335, premium LED Lighting is built in. The Advanced ProLite™ chromotherapy under water and headrest lights allow you to set the ambiance for whatever the occasion.

Provide the extra warmth your friends will appreciate!

It's the little things that really mean a lot to people, treat your friends by having some spare towels or robes available for them to hop into after spending time in the spa! They won't forget it!

Music creates the atmosphere

Music is really where you set the scene. Make the experience special by combining it with your favourite music: the Bluewave® sound system on our Jacuzzi J335 Spa features Bluetooth® technology to wirelessly connect your device and let you get the perfect vibe with a mix of music, colours and hot water massage. (Make sure you DJ for the crowd.)

Add a touch of aromatherapy from inSPAration

Choose from a huge range of inSPAration scents available from First4Pools to give your party the extra touch! Coconut Mango, Cucumber Melon, Eucalyptus Mint, Hawaiian Sunset, Heavenly Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lavender, Passion, Rain, Romance, Spaberry, Tropical Island, we will stock a flavour to match the mood you're in! Call us or visit our showroom to purchase.

Don't let a drink in the hot tub ruin your night!

Photo by Blake Guidry on Unsplash

Drink's that aren't kept in a safe place are dangerous for your spa! Keep your drink/bar area away from the hot tub to avoid an issue that could ruin the party. Message @first4pools on Facebook if you have spilt a drink in your spa, we are fully equipped to carry out water treatment and spa servicing.

Most importantly, get the best seat in the house!

In the Jacuzzi J335™ the unique seat is the therapy seat, this lounge seat offer a complete body massage, with a deep massage focused on the back and the hips, as well as total body immersion.

There are also three ergonomic and therapy seats, which offer a deep massage to your body, whilst another seat that focuses on the back and combined with the waterfall you can relax and enjoy the hot water.

Share, but be sure to know which seat is which!

The Jacuzzi J335™ is available to buy today at First4Pools, Contact us today to find out more about this stunning spa!

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