What we offer at First 4 Saunas

Sauna Maintenance & Repair

Sauna maintenance, refurb and repair in the Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas.


First4Saunas provides sauna maintenance and repair services as well as supplying Tylo Help products. We can also repair and replace faulty items and offer advice if you are looking to upgrade your equipment. Click to find out more.

Steam Room Builds & Rebuilds

First4Saunas can build or refurbish your steam room. Bringing you a whole new experience when you use your facilities.

Existing steam rooms require servicing and maintenance to get them back into full working order. 

There are also many new advancements that can bring your steam room forward into the 21st century. 

Sauna room builds & outdoor saunas

Our expertise allows us to adapt to your requirements. We offer both indoor and outdoor sauna options, allowing you to make the very best use of space in your home or business.

We always verify that we are selling the very best products, this is why we choose to sell Cedar built exterior saunas. 

Tylo-Helo Product supply

Being an official retailer of the Tylo-Helo range we have exclusive access and can supply you with the most up to date products. 

Our expert installation services cover the whole South West.

Products & Accessories

We supply sauna equipment, steam room accessories and a wide range of other items you may need for your ultimate relaxation experience.